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John Parker und der Verrükte, Film von Alexaner Baldreich

"John Parker and the Madman"

Short Film - 4K


In the depths of winter Jack, the crazy bounty hunter, is on the heels of the notorious stagecoach robber John Parker - better known as Johnny Boy Parker.

The bounty hunter is being overcome. A long cat and mouse play begins. Johnny Boy Parker is clueless.

In the end it comes to a surprising turn.


Black - Kurzfilm von Alexaner Baldreich


Short Film - 4K


June 6, 1740 in the golden age of passion, love and drama of two brothers Wilhelm and Heinrich von Eckart.

Both fight for the heart of the same woman, ignoring the lies and deceit behind the veil of innocence.

A pistol duel shall decide on the fate of the two brothers.


Gestern pleite, morgen tot, Film von Alexaner Baldreich

"Yesterday broke, Dead today"

Feature Film - 4K


Through a chance encounter with an old school friend, Daniel can make contacts with criminals and gangsters.

Over time, he slides in deeper and deeper. To numb his conscience, he takes refuge in drug use.

Ultimately, there is only one way out of the swamp. Can Daniel get out alive?